Women of Dance with Natalie Rogers-Cropper and N’Jelle Gage-Thorne

Since I began producing Conversations with Creatives, I’ve wanted to do an episode on “The Women of Dance,” featuring some of this region’s most celebrated fema I wasle dancers.  So I invited several of the female dancers I know. I was fortunate that the amazing and thoughtful  Natalie Rogers-Cropper of Garth Fagan Dance and N’jelle Gage-Thorne of Futurpointe Dance were able to join me.

There are so many issues female dancers and choreographers deal with on a daily basis, and that often go unrecognized. More than most professions, they must find a way to balance family life with a rigorous physical, emotional, travel and performance schedule. They must focus on the wellness and maintenance of their bodies in the same way athletes do. The issue of aging is as daunting to a dancer as is it to any model or  actress. Their very creativity flows from being centered on self and the world around them.

One of the topics I’ve always be fascinated to explore is why, across the Arts, there seems to be a barrier for women to be in the spotlight, yet how often they are behind the scenes, running the show. Natalie’s and N’Jelle’s insights on this are illuminating.

Join me as dancer Natalie Rogers-Cropper and dancer /choreographer  N’jelle Gage-Thorn share candid insights about their careers and  maintaining balance in their life. We also discuss many of the  the most challenging issues they face, as well as what inspires them in their careers and personal lives.
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Women of Dance from CAROL WHITE LLEWELLYN on Vimeo.


Thanks to Natalie Rogers-Cropper and Garth Fagan Dance, and to N’jelle Gage-Thorne and Futurpointe Dance for the use of video footage from their performances.