When Visions Come to Life, A Visit with Mark Groaning

Mark Groaning’s Studio is a vision in color and movement. Brilliantly colored flowers exploding from window frames…ethereal glass and acrylic vases suspended mid-air from lacy vines…dragon sculptures breathing metallic fiery flames…fusions of molten glass…vivid paintings that jump to life from the canvas…. These are the types of works for which Mark Groaning is best known…at present.  Next week, or next month, or next year, he may add new artistic mediums to his toolbox of artistic creation.

Mark is one of the most prolific artists I know, creating multitudes of works, without benefit of apprentices. His Gallery/Studio in the former Valley Cadillac LaSalle building on East Avenue in downtown Rochester attests to the breadth of his creations, although the collection is merely the tip of the iceberg, compared to what is carefully stored away for future use and sale.

In this episode of Conversations with Creatives, Mark talks about how his mother inspired him to become an artist, how lucid dreaming helps manifest his work, and the path that led him to work in so many artistic mediums. He also talks about his role in converting young people from defacing public property with graffiti, into becoming budding artists. It was a delight chatting with Mark and watching him work, as he shared insights on the path to becoming a successful and productive working artist.


When Visions Come to Life, A Visit with Mark Groaning – Excerpt from CAROL WHITE LLEWELLYN on Vimeo.

Full Episode

When Visions Come to Life, A Visit with Mark Groaning – Full Interview from CAROL WHITE LLEWELLYN on Vimeo.