Turning the Fortunes of Rochester’s Third Ward: The 2017 Corn Hill Arts Festival

The 49th Annual Corn Hill Arts Festival is Rochester’s oldest residential arts festival, and I was fascinated to learn how it was so instrumental in helping turn the fortunes of Rochester’s beautiful Third Ward, now known as the Corn Hill.

On this episode of Conversations with Creatives, my guests are Elaine Lennox, who handles Client Relations for Archer Communications and who is also Sponsor/Media Chair for the Festival,  and Ryan Martin a visual artist who designed this year’s 2017 Corn Hill Arts Festival Poster.

Not only did we have a great time talking about the history of the festival and the neighborhood that hosts it, the two share their thoughts about what this type of festival does for the participating artists and the community that hosts it. Ryan also talks about his development as an artist, and how, having started out in the Emerging Artists Expo of the festival, his work came to be chosen for the festival poster.

Many thanks to Elaine and Ryan for sharing their insiders’ views on the festival.

To see more of Ryan’s work, visit The Ryan Martin Collection.

Behind the Scenes at the 2017 Corn Hill Arts Festival from CAROL WHITE LLEWELLYN on Vimeo.


Time Markers

1:07 – Ryan Martin’s early career as an artist

2:25 – Ryan’s diversity of work, and how he uses his creativity and skills to diversify

4:15 – How Ryan’s mother’s and grandmother’s skills were passed down

6:00 – Discussion of Ryan’s commissions and chosen media

7:40 – Elaine Lennox shares the history of the Third Ward and the Corn Hill Arts Festival

8:49 – The launch of the Corn Hill preservation district

9:00 – The grass roots launch of the Corn Hill Arts Festival

10:39 – How the Corn Hill Arts Festival impacts the neighborhood

12:00 – About the 2017 Corn Hill Arts Festival

12:45 – New this year – About the Stokoe Farm Express, a replica of an 1890’s steam train

13:30 – About the Fairy Houses

15:45 – Ryan reveals the 2017 Corn Hill Arts Festival Poster and discusses his inspiration for it

17:30 – What the festival does for participating artists and for the community

21:30 – Organizing the festival through 13 volunteer committees

22:12 – About the music at the festival, across 4 stages and 26 acts

23:00 – A word about the festival sponsors and their importance

24:00 – How Ryan expects the recognition from designing the poster to impact his career