Conversations with Creatives on Up Close and Cultural Radio Program

Rachel DeGuzman, the Host and Producer of Up Close and Cultural, is President & CEO of 21st Century Arts, a Rochester, NY based arts consultancy. She recently accepted the position of Executive Director of Kyoung’s Pacific Beat – a Peacemaking Theater Company … Continued

Diversity in the Arts, through the Eyes of Three Activists

Diversity in the Arts is a topic that surfaces frequently these days.  More and more organizations have become acutely aware of how little their organizations reflect the diversity of the communities they serve. There is a significant “trickle down” effect … Continued

Entrepreneurship in the Arts: A Call to Action in Rochester

Rachel DeGuzman, passionate arts advocate and President and CEO of 21st Century Arts will host the second in a series of six free symposiums on the topics of arts management, innovation and sustainability. The series is titled “A Call to … Continued

Interview with Rachel DeGuzman, Arts Advocate

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Rachel DeGuzman since shortly after I moved to Rochester almost nine years ago.  She’s held various administrative positions within arts organizations such as Garth Fagan Dance, The Commission Project, Nazareth College Performing Arts Center … Continued