Meghdad Asadi Designs a Bright Future in Animation

While completing a Masters Degree in Communications Engineering, Meghdad Asadi discovered a passion for animation. He chose to come to the U.S. from his native country of Iran to pursue an MFA in 3D Computer Animation in the School of … Continued

Dave Sluberski “Sounds Off” on Audio Best Practices and Design

I first met Dave Sluberski while attending a Rochester AV Association Meeting (RAVA), an organization of which he is President. Anyone who meets Dave will quickly recognize he has an affinity toward hats, snappy dressing and vintage cars. I next … Continued

Interview with Skip Greer about Geva’s Play, The Mountaintop

The success of any great theatrical performance is based, in part, on magic. The magic happens when an author finds intriguing subject matter and treats it with integrity, creativity and imagination. It is then up to a skilled director, talented actors and … Continued