During the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Rights to Vote, Rochester, NY is proudly celebrating its suffragist legacy with a multitude of activities taking place to commemorate the passing of the 19th Amendment, including parades, concerts, exhibits, lectures and special projects.

Throughout 2020, in a four-part TV series, Songs of the Suffragist will capture many of these activities, and the importance of the 19th Amendment. The series will present a medley of the activities taking place, along with historic information, such as

  • A short profile on an historic suffragist figure in or around Rochester, whose work had a significant impact
  • Historic facts and photos about the suffragists’ journey to achieving the vote
  • Interviews with the experts mounting Suffragist exhibits and those organizing events
  • An interview with those spearheading the “Women and the Vote NYS” project
  • Recording of the Rochester Oratorio Society’s Suffragist Anthems, along with a discussion with ROS’ Artistic Director Eric Townell and ¬†Eastman musicologist Dr. Jeannie Guerrero, who researched a new set of Suffragist lyrics from disenfranchised women, e.g., non-white, non-Christian, and who has restored and newly-arranged them for our 20-voice choir.