Rajesh Barnabas: Media for Messaging and Mentoring

I’ve worked with Rochester-based TV Producer, Filmmaker and Youth Educator Rajesh Barnabas for over five years at Rochester Community Media Center.  It still came as a surprise when I learned during this interview that many of the skills this multi-talented artist has acquired are self-taught. They came through picking up the camera at a young age and shooting footage. First, it was a “travelogue,” followed by a series of Kung Fu movies.  His skills also came from experimenting and “pushing the edge” on what he can do by creating a fusion of different forms of media.

Rajesh uses media for messaging, for mentoring youth, and for delivering powerful social and political messages. His style tends toward the experimental (be sure to watch the last segment of the full episode). His flexibility and experimental nature is part of the reason he is so popular with the kids he teaches at RCTV, and those he has taught while a teacher in the Rochester City School District.

In this episode, in addition to sharing his educational philosophy, he’ll also be talking about the making of a documentary. You’ll get a sneak preview of his work-in-progress, called Rochester’s Fight for $15.  The film covers the push and pull between individuals earning minimum wage, and their employers who are concerned that paying more will put them out of business.

Thanks to Rajesh for sharing his insights, and a segment of is upcoming film. Watch for news of the first public screening of Rochester’s Fight for $15 on Conversations with Creatives facebook page, on RCTV’s facebook page or Rochester Community Media Center’s website.


Rajesh Barnabas On Using Media for Messaging and Mentoring from CAROL WHITE LLEWELLYN on Vimeo.

 Full Episode

Excerpt of Rajesh Barnabas on Using Media for Messaging and Mentoring from CAROL WHITE LLEWELLYN on Vimeo.