We offer a variety of services to assist with your business' branding and promotional needs.


Book Design

If you’re an independent author who prefers to go straight to press, rather than through a publisher, we can help make it happen!


Whether you need a short video to promote your artwork, to tell your story, or for a special event, we’re here for you with our award-winning service!

Print & Digital

From print and e-newsletters to postcards, programs and posters, we’ve got you covered, from writing and design to photography and photo editing!

Newsletter examples:

Example of Annual Report:

Web Design

If you need a streamlined website that is easy to maintain and comes with a quick start guide, or an artists’ page that we maintain on our site, we can assist you.

Shown at left:

Examples of Video Work

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Charlie Schaeffer
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Pop Up Promo Package for Artists and Authors

We will shortly be partnering with local arts organizations to offer a Pop Up Shoot to create Promotional Packages for artists and authors in which you can schedule an appointment to have a headshot and/or short promotional video done!

Watch for details, coming soon!

Client Testimonials

”Carol has a great eye for detail, is very creative, and really has the stamina and vision to see a project through to the end, and take any bumps that come along the way all in stride."
“Carol is that very rare combination--creative, takes initiative, AND gets things completed when you need them.”
“Carol is excellent at providing great insight, with marketing skills that are just as creative as her writing. Her experience, along with her attention to detail, takes her and her business to the next level.”