Movie Magic: Special Effects Makeup in Film

There are so many aspects of the arts that we, as observers, or even as artists working in other artistic mediums, take for granted. Special effects makeup is one of those fields. When we watch a film or tv program, we know that the actor has not really been shot or drowned or blasted in an explosion. Because of the “wall” between the actors and the audience, an illusion is created, suspending our disbelief and making us believe, if only momentarily, that the calamity we just watched really has taken place. That is the magic of special effects, in action, in graphics, and certainly in makeup.

When filmmmaker Ken Rhodes suggested a young special effects artist he has worked with as a guest, I jumped at the opportunity to invite both Ken and his young proteg√© on the show.¬† In this episode, Ken (Str82VDO) and 14-year-old special effects artist Lindsey Johnston talk about the collaborative process of making special effects movie magic. As fortune would have it, Lindsey’s very supportive Mom Cal agreed to join us, and she offered revealing insights into what it’s like to live with a special effects makeup artist in the house. (Hint: She recommends not purchasing new rugs until the artist moves out!)

We look in on Lindsey as she creates her magic, both on and off the set, as well as in wa orkshop for even younger filmmaker wannabes. Ken also shares an excerpt of Sold on Time, a Rochester Movie Makers Mind2Movie 72 Hour film submission that garnered several awards at this year’s festival.

If you’re interested in getting in touch with Lindsey to do special effects on your film, she can be reached by contacting Ken Rhodes, or via Cal Johnston’s facebook page.

Making Movie Magic: Special Effects Makeup in Film from CAROL WHITE LLEWELLYN on Vimeo.