Marketing and Communication Insights for Artists and Arts Organizations

So much in the world of marketing and communications has changed over recent years, with the advent of social media, the downsizing of traditional media, and new technologies that ¬†share information directly with consumers’ phones and computers. However, the core principles of solid branding and marketing remain the same: You must determine your brand, determine your audience, and identify the most effective way to reach it.

In this first of a two-part episode, communications gurus Glenn Clark of Clark CSM Marketing Communications and Carrie Tschetter of Archer Communications  discuss topics such as the importance of a brand, developing a solid marketing plan on a tight budget, the process of working with an agency and the importance of customer service.


Tips on Marketing and Communications for Artists and Arts Organizations from CAROL WHITE LLEWELLYN on Vimeo.


:50 – Overview of Clark CSM Marketing Communications

2:20 – Overview of Archer Communications

3:07 – Discussion of what a brand is, and why it’s so important

6:00 – Discussion of whether a brand for an artist or arts organization differs from a brand for a corporate business

8:00 – What the internal process looks like within each firm when a new client comes to them

11:00 -How a new artist or arts organization should approach working with an agency for the first time

12:30 – The role of customer service; the importance of conveying core values to employees

16:20 – The top elements for an artist or arts organization to start with in approaching marketing, especially; the importance of a marketing communications plan and how to develop it

18:47 – Perspective on local artists and arts organizations using agencies; where to go to get help with marketing (AMA, Causewave, PRSA, RAF)

21:00 – Differentiation between Clark CSM and Archer Communications

23:00 – Guests are asked to share how they see their own personal brand


Many thanks to Glenn and Carrie for sharing their invaluable insights on branding, marketing and communications.