Hosea Taylor Plays On in a New Children’s Book by Kathleen M. Blasi

I was working in the office of Kids Out and About one day, when a children’s book author popped in unexpectedly. She’d just finished a book titled Hosea Plays On, and was awaiting its publication.

As we started chatting, I discovered the book Kathleen M. Blasi had just finished was about Hosea Missouri Taylor, Jr.,  a talented musician who was beloved by Rochester residents and who had performed regularly at the public market, donating the money he collected to help the children of Rochester get instruments to play. I’d known of Hosea by reputation, and through friends. He was on my list of people I wanted to interview, but his untimely passing shortly after I’d launched Conversations with Creatives thwarted that.

As luck would have it, the microphone failed me on that day I met Kathleen, so she kindly agreed to re-record after the holidays.

Then, several weeks ago, when I was in Hipocampo Books,  a wonderful children’s book store on South Avenue in Rochester, there stood a woman, holding a newly-published book, and saying she’d known the man it was about.

Well, you guessed it! The book she was admiring was Hosea Plays On, by Kathleen, and included beautiful illustrations by Shane W. Evans, a graduate of School of the Arts in Rochester.

So below, Kathleen shares the story of how Hosea Plays On came to be. The book is published by Sterling Press, and can be purchased at Hipocampo Books located at 638 South Avenue in Rochester, as well as at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon.

Many thanks to photographer and friend Arleen Thaler for her use of the photo of Hosea Missouri Taylor, Jr. who she had called friend, and of whom she had done a series of photos.