Interview with Fiyah Squad, High-octane Dancers

L. to R. Marcus Bowens and Ronald Boxx, Jr.

One evening, as I was standing at the front desk at RCTV, where Conversations with Creatives is shot and broadcast, I got talking to a young man named Ronald Boxx, who was there, as a member of Fiyah Squad, for a 100.9 WXIR radio interview.  When I discovered he was a performer in a dance squad, I invited the group to be guests.

As unique as each of their personal styles is, the three men I interviewed during the show have an amazing rapport and energy which you only get a glimmer of during the show. Sometimes I wish I could film the breaks and show those, instead of the interview, because sometimes the funniest or most insightful conversations take place when the cameras aren’t rolling.

When these dancers take the stage to perform — and unfortunately, there was only a small dance space in the studio — I can see why their personalities and high-octane dance moves make them a favorite with crowds. Their dance styles include Dancehall, Reggae, Soca, Hip-Hop, and their moves, which are partially choreographed and partially improv, are determined by the music, as well as whoever selects it. They call themselves “Fiyah Squad” because, as they explain, “we like to bring the heat and energy to the audience to get them hooked on the performance.”

I look forward to seeing this group open for some high-profile performers which will help them achieve their dance ambitions and kick their careers into overdrive!  For more about Fiyah Squad, visit their facebook page.

Many thanks to Marcus Bowens, Ronald Boxx Jr. and Jerome Campbell for joining me as guests, and also to Javon Hendrickson, Barb Coles and Shani Davis for joining in the performance.


Full Interview

Conversations with Creatives Interviews Fiyah Squad from CAROL WHITE LLEWELLYN on Vimeo.



Fiyah Squad Performs “Carnival” by Machel Montano & Destra and “Monster Winer” by Kerwin Du Bois, feat. Lil Rick from CAROL WHITE LLEWELLYN on Vimeo.

Cameras: John Ornelas, Jim Strauss, Patricia Davilla

Audio: Rick Osborne

Host, Producer, Editor: Carol White Llewellyn