Greg Bogoshian Rocks the Design of RockBeach Custom Guitars

About seven years ago, I met Greg Bogoshian of RockBeach Guitars when I was organizing Hang Around Victor Days.  He and his band Squirrels in Traffic were performing at the festival. He was also an exhibitor. I was was awed by his impressive collection of beautiful, custom guitars, hand-crafted out of stunning exotic hardwoods.

In those days, the idea of producing a television show about the Arts had never yet crossed my mind. I simply filed his information away mentally, because I was so impressed with him and those gorgeous guitars.

On Conversations with Creatives, one of my goals has always been to showcase the diversity found in the Arts world, especially those Arts  that “fall under the radar” and don’t necessarily pop to mind immediately when one says “Artist.” I’d say custom guitar design definitely falls into that category.

So, in this episode, when Greg talks about his guitars and the wood from which they are crafted, you can see why the guitars come to life in his hands. They are his babies, and each one is lovingly assembled, with exquisite care given to every element.

When you put those guitars into the hands of a master guitarist like Tommy Bianchi of the Coupe De’ Villes (who happens to own a couple of RockBeach guitars), well, it’s simply Rock ‘N Roll Heaven.

Greg Bogoshian Shares the Custom Craft Behind RockBeach Guitars from CAROL WHITE LLEWELLYN on Vimeo.

Moments in Time (where to find specific segments):

Greg Bogoshian demos his acoustic guitar

1:05 – How Greg Bogoshian got his start in guitar design

2:30 – About the first guitar Greg designed out of padauk wood

4:00 – Greg discusses the most important elements of a custom guitar

5:20 – Discussion of the design and importance of the neck pocket

7:10 – Tommy Bianchi and Greg Bogoshian discuss how they collaborate to get the sound and design Tommy is seeking

10:00 – Tommy talks about his RockBeach “Workhorse” guitar

10:30 – Greg talks about how his experience as a guitarist influenced his design work in guitars

A selection of Greg's custom guitars
A selection of Greg’s custom guitars

11:45 – Greg on the design of his first acoustic guitar

13:15 – Greg shares design elements on his “RB Telle” (telecaster) guitar, and Tommy Bianchi demos its sound and versatility

15:50 – Greg talks about the importance of the set up of a guitar, and the elements that are important for playability

19:00 – Greg mentions some of the musicians who perform with his guitars

19:50 – Advice for those who might want to take up guitar design

21:15 – Greg shares design elements on his RockBeach Camelback CB2, and Tommy Bianchi demos it

24:24 – Greg talks about “his baby,” that is built similarly to the RockBeach Camelback CB2, then Tommy demos it to show the difference in sound between the two guitars.