Diversity in the Arts, through the Eyes of Three Activists

Diversity in the Arts is a topic that surfaces frequently these days.  More and more organizations have become acutely aware of how little their organizations reflect the diversity of the communities they serve. There is a significant “trickle down” effect that happens. There must be awareness, strategic long-term vision and a mandate for action on this issue. It must be adopted in board rooms, at grant giving organizations, at educational institutions, among awards ceremonies and even in the roles awarded in movies, theatrical, dance, musical productions for the Arts in order to reveal the richest tapestry possible.

In this dual episode of Conversations with Creatives, I call on several multi-talented friends who are arts activists and advocates to share their insights on Diversity in the Arts.  I thank Rachel DeGuzman, Founder of 21st Century Arts and Executive Director of Kyoung’s Pacific Beat, Thomas Warfield, Assistant Professor of Dance at Rochester Institute of Technology and Artistic Director at PeaceArt International, Inc. and Mara Ahmed, Independent Filmmaker at Neelum Films for joining me and sharing an insightful dialogue on an issue that has become more prominent in recent months.

Diversity in the Arts, Part 1

Diversity in the Arts, Part 1 from CAROL WHITE LLEWELLYN on Vimeo.

Diversity in the Arts, Part 2

Diversity in the Arts, Part 2 from CAROL WHITE LLEWELLYN on Vimeo.