Conversations with Creatives on Up Close and Cultural Radio Program

Rachel DeGuzman, the Host and Producer of Up Close and Cultural, is President & CEO of 21st Century Arts, a Rochester, NY based arts consultancy. She recently accepted the position of Executive Director of Kyoung’s Pacific Beat – a Peacemaking Theater Company based in Brooklyn, NY.  That position keeps her shuttling between her home in Rochester and New York City on a weekly basis.

Rachel was one of the first people I had the good fortune to meet when I moved to Rochester from New York City ten years ago. We’ve stayed in touch through changes in our careers, and we’ve worked together on industry committees. I’ve come to know Rachel as a friend who excels at making dynamic things happen, putting the right people together, and who is passionate about the Arts.  She has been a strong voice for the importance of Diversity in the Arts.

Rachel has been a guest on Conversations with Creatives on several occasions, most recently, several months ago where Thomas Warfield, Mara Ahmed, Rachel and I discussed the topic of Diversity in the Arts. Rachel always brings a measured, thoughtful and inspirational perspective. So I was delighted to join her on air when she invited me to be a guest on Up Close and Cultural, where we discuss Conversations with Creatives, the rewards and challenges of being the Independent Producer of an Arts Show, the importance of Diversity in the Arts, and myriad other topics.

Up Close and Cultural is an on-air and online portal to unscripted, thought-provoking conversations about the business, relevance, and sustainability of the arts in the 21st century.  Many thanks to Rachel for inviting me to be her guest.  Click on the podcast below to hear our chat.

You can catch Rachel’s weekly broadcast of Up Close and Cultural on WAYO 104.3 FM at 11 AM each Tuesday. If you can’t get it on the air, you can stream it by visiting