Contemporary Issues in Marketing for Artists and Arts Organizations

In this second of a two-part episode, Carrie Tschetter of Archer Communications and Glenn Clark of Clark CSM Marketing Communications discuss and share insights on contemporary issues such as the role of the press release in today’s media environment, how to approach the use of social media, engagement of younger audiences, the benefits of collaboration, the importance of great visuals and the use of apps.


Current Trends in Marketing for Artists and Arts Organizations from CAROL WHITE LLEWELLYN on Vimeo.

:50 – The current role of the press release as traditional media downsizes, and how to make them more effective

2:40 – Distribution of press packages through newswires

4:00 – How artists and arts organizations should approach the use of social media; the importance of a social media plan

5:20 – The importance of targeting social media by demographics and identifying the right media for the right audience

7:30 – Discussion of concerns over having content “stolen” by others on social media; an alternate perspective¬†on having materials used

10:15 – The pros and cons of the internet, and the importance of embracing the pros

11:50 Р Strategies for the Arts to nurture and engage younger audiences

13:05 – The importance for Arts organizations to embrace change and develop alternate strategies for reaching audience, and examples (RPO, Rochester City Ballet, Corn Hill Arts Festival, Honoye Falls High School Jazz Concert, Renaissance Festival)

16:40 – A discussion of the benefits on Arts collaborations and whether there are any downsides

18:42 – The importance of great visuals from video and memes to graphics and humor

20:00 – Discussion of the different quality levels of video and photos; The importance of understanding what quality level fits where

22:15 – Discussion of organizational proprietary apps and whether they are the

24:00 – Final tip tips for effective marketing of your work or organization


Many thanks to Glenn Clark and Carrrie Tschetter for being guests on Conversations with Creatives.


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Marketing and Communications Insights for Artists and Arts Organizations