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Make sure the clothing you wear for your headshot or video shoot says as much about your as your smile does.

The clothing you wear for your headshot or video shoot tells others a lot about you. After your smile, it’s one of the best ways to communicate who your are. So it’s important to consider what you want to wear, because you’ll probably be using the photos or video for a while.  Make sure it shows your brand and says as much about your as your smile does.

Below are our tips and advice on choosing your wardrobe.

  1. Choose something that will be comfortable, and that will really communicate who you are. Maybe it’s version of what you’d wear at work, at an art exhibit, to a book signing, or at a speaking engagement. Dress in a way that shows the true dressed-up you!
  2. Avoid clothing that puts you at risk for a wardrobe malfunction.
  3. Keep accessories to a minimum, especially if you are doing a recorded video shoot. Jewelry clinking against a microphone is almost impossible to remove in post-production.
  4.  Pick a colors that are “you.” Maybe they compliment your hair or highlight your eyes. Maybe that color just makes you feel great! Mid and jewel-tone colors, or those that are muted or in darker tones work well. Pastels tend to fade.
  5. Black and white clothing can give a sleek, professional look. 
  6. Avoid clothing with large swaths of bright green, especially if you’re being filmed outdoors or against a green screen. Red works as a highlight color, in moderation. Large areas of red can “vibrate” on screen in a video shoot. Also avoid bright pink, bright orange, turquoise, mint green, coral and all neon colors.
  7. Solids work best. Patterns can work if they’re not so small that they “shimmer,” or too busy so they detract from you.
  8. Wearing a blazer, jacket or professional cardigan layered over your top, gives a look of authority. This  works great for both photography and videography. If you choose this look, wear the lighter color under the darker top layer.
No matter what you decide to wear for your headshot or video shoot the experience should  enjoyable and allow you to put your best smile forward!