Chris Wilmot and Kathy Goll Talk Film Production

Chris Wilmot and Kathy Goll have a camper parked in the driveway outside their house, which gives you a sense of how much they enjoy travel and adventure.  Producing the film Lucky, written and directed by the talented Avie Luthra, they had lots of opportunity for both, as they spent 35 days in South Africa on set, then traveled as far as Bangalore and Abu Dhabi, screening the film at festivals around the world.

I first saw Lucky when the three of us served as part of the 2015 High Falls Film Festival. Released in 2011, it is a beautiful and moving film, and touches on many issues that resonate today.

In this episode, Chris and Kathy share insights on being film producers, they talk about their experiences in South Africa on set and off, about the film’s themes of education, abandonment, racism and trust found in the film, and about other productions they’ve been involved in.

Thanks to Chris and Kathy for being guests on Conversations with Creatives, and to How Town Film Productions and to Out of Africa Entertainment for allowing us to share their trailer.


Excerpt of Chris Wilmot and Kathy Goll, Lucky in Production from CAROL WHITE LLEWELLYN on Vimeo.

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