Interview with Marci Diehl and Debra Ross on Book Publishing and Marketing

I was delighted to have writer and editor Marci Diehl, and founder Debra Ross join me on Conversations with Creatives. Late last year, Marci published the book What You Don’t Know Now, about an 18 year old girl whose … Continued

What Are Your Three Words for Success in 2015?

At the beginning of each year, entrepreneur, social media guru and business consultant Chris Brogan advises undertaking an exercise to come up with three words that will shape your year. Those three words aren’t a phrase like “Produce More Shows” … Continued

One-of-a Kind Conference for Freelancers in Rochester, NY

In 2006, Ruth E. Thaler-Carter, writer, editor and owner of Communication Central, set out to create a unique conference focused on freelancers that would bring colleagues together to network, learn from each other and share insights that don’t necessarily surface … Continued

Interview with James Kennedy, Author

I produce Conversations at Creatives at Rochester Community TV (RCTV). Each summer, RCTV collaborates with Writers & Books on a summer camp. Beginning two summers ago, the kids at the camp began creating submissions for the 90-Second Newbery Awards founded by author James Kennedy. The … Continued