Dr. Bill Valenti: Writing the Book on AIDS – Part 2

In Dr. Bill Valenti’s inspirational book AIDS: A Matter of Urgency, we travel back in time to the dawn of AIDS and AIDS treatment. In the timeline of the world, it’s an infinitesimal speck on the timeline: a mere 35 years. But for … Continued

Humans of New York: Using Art to Banish Darkness

On Pi Day 2016, Brandon Stanton took to facebook to share an opinion with his 17,128,451 followers. Brandon, the force behind Humans of New York, did not undertake this initiative lightly. As a photojournalist, he specializes in capturing the essence … Continued

Diving Into The Fringe: September 17 – 26, 2015

Earlier this week, I was excited to interview Erica Fee of The Fringe, Kerry Young of TheatreROCS and Unleashed! Comedy Improve, and John Borek of MUCCC about this year’s First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival, known to insiders simply as “The … Continued

Poetry Slammin’ with Quentin “IQ the Great” Campbell

Before a few years ago, I was not much aware of the phenomenon called “Slam Poetry,” that has gotten so many young people interested in a form of art that, from my perspective, had lagged a bit in popularity from … Continued

Interview with Marci Diehl and Debra Ross on Book Publishing and Marketing

I was delighted to have writer and editor Marci Diehl, and KidsOutAndAbout.com founder Debra Ross join me on Conversations with Creatives. Late last year, Marci published the book What You Don’t Know Now, about an 18 year old girl whose … Continued

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