Technology: Harness the Things You Just Can’t “Undo”

A friend reminded me recently, “There are some things you just can’t unsee.” She was referring to some horror she’d seen on the news to explain why she seldom watches it. Her comment started me thinking about the things we … Continued

Interview with Fred Armstrong, Celebrating 25 Years in Animation

This year, Fred Armstrong of Animatus Studio is celebrating his 25th Anniversary of being in business. It takes a lot of creativity, drive and passion to stay in business 25 years, and Fred’s is an interesting story of passion driving … Continued

Remembering Sari Dienes: Waiting Until They’re Gone

I recently learned that the work of the late artist Sari Dienes was going to be on display in New York City at Glenn Horowitz Bookseller. Her work has set fallow during most of the 20 years since her passing. … Continued

Interview with Artist/Filmmaker Peter Jemison

I’ve known artist and filmmaker Peter Jemison since I worked as Marketing Director at Ganondagan State Historic Site about six years ago. I still always marvel at what an eloquent and thoughtful speaker he is. On one of the most … Continued