Poetry Slammin’ with Quentin “IQ the Great” Campbell

Before a few years ago, I was not much aware of the phenomenon called “Slam Poetry,” that has gotten so many young people interested in a form of art that, from my perspective, had lagged a bit in popularity from … Continued

Interview with Annette Ramos, Latina Storyteller

I first met Annette Ramos at an arts symposium earlier this year, and then ran into her again at a theatrical production of EstroFest. At that time, she was about to raise the curtain on Peter Pan, a show that … Continued

Interview with Reenah Golden, Spoken Word Artist

Jim Strauss, who is a fellow producer at RCTV and who works camera for my program said, “If you’re looking for someone who’d be great to interview, invite Reenah Golden on your show.” Jim was right! Reenah is a bundle … Continued