Behind-the-Scenes at Geva’s A Christmas Carol

When I had the opportunity to meet with creatives from Geva Theatre Center for a behind-the-scenes look at their production of A Christmas Carol, it struck me how many — both in number and variety — artists and creatives it … Continued

Interview with Dr. Robert Strauss

I had not had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Robert Strauss before I interviewed him. Rob is that Artistic Director of the Rochester Gay Men’s Chorus and also teaches at Fredonia School of Music and at Nazareth College. The man … Continued

Bleu Cease of Rochester Contemporary

It is no small undertaking to oversee a small modern art center today. But as Executive Director of RoCo, Bleu Cease manages and curates the Rochester Contemporary Art Center with finesse, a clear vision, a great deal of organization, and … Continued

One-of-a Kind Conference for Freelancers in Rochester, NY

In 2006, Ruth E. Thaler-Carter, writer, editor and owner of Communication Central, set out to create a unique conference focused on freelancers that would bring colleagues together to network, learn from each other and share insights that don’t necessarily surface … Continued