In 2009, I began taking media classes at RCTV, starting with a documentary filmmaking course. I had previously met Louis Perticone and was fascinated by his vision for ARTISANworks, as an “incubator,” benefiting artists as well as the community, through showcasing artists’ work in an event space.
When I called about doing a short documentary on ARTISANworks, Louis, and many of the artists who had studios in the building or whose art he featured, kindly agreed to interviews.
He never asked my level of skill—I was truly a beginner—or if I had a camera that would do the documentary justice—I had only an SD camera that recorded on cassette tapes, no dedicated microphone, and a borrowed tripod—but he generously sat with me for over an hour answering my questions.
Following the work’s completion, he came to the screening of the work that took place at RCTV, after which he gave princely praise.
Forever after, when I was meeting a friend at Starry Nights Cafe and he passed on his walk to work, he would wave or stop in and say hello.
I dare say my experience of doing that first piece, and his and the other artists’ positive response encouraged my further pursuit of creating media.
Unfortunately, the disc for that documentary seems long gone and the hard drive on which it was created and stored died long ago.
Happily, I had all seven cassette tapes on which the interviews were recorded. The images of ARTISANworks are also from 15 years ago.
I thank Mike Champlin of DeBergerac Productions for his work in transferring all seven cassettes to files that I was able to use to create this short tribute to Louis in which he talks about his earlier career, the evolution of the event space, and his vision for Artisan Works.
Because of being stored on cassettes, the quality of the color, even with a fair amount of correction, is not what it was on the original work, but I know you will understand and be happy for the chance to see Louis again, in all his glory.
Rest in peace, my friend. I hope you know how many lives you touched in this community and beyond.